Monday, August 8, 2011

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Drivers are spending longer looking for cheap commercial vehicle insurance

Drivers shopping for cheap van insurance can spend between two and three hours online looking for a competitive quote, according to the latest research.
The time has gone up by an average 30 minutes compared with last year for many van drivers
Escalating premiums are pushing up the cost of van insurance; finding cheap cover for vans and commercial vehicle insurance is a tough job.
The problem is some insurers are trying to buck the market and make van drivers go to them direct by refusing to include their products on price comparison sites.

Things are made more difficult for van drivers as they have no like-for-like yardstick to compare insurance policies against. And comparing insurers who decide to opt out of comparison sites just wastes more valuable time.
Some comparison firms guarantee to match cover and beat other quotes by at least 10%, so it seems sensible to check them out. Van insurance comparison sites are insurance brokers at heart, so should serve up the best selection of van insurance quotes.
Save money with an expert van insurance broker
Quoteline Direct is one to look at; the broker site has well-served van and commercial vehicle drivers. The web site has two specialist search engines: one for vans, including couriers and goods in transit and another for trucks and other vehicles over 7.5 tonnes.
They also offer additional expertise as a broker that goes above and beyond dealing with a typical van insurance comparison site. After going through the online process to find a quote, van drivers can take up a free consultation offer with a commercial vehicle insurance expert who can often shave more money off the best quote.
For instance, some insurers will reduce premiums for drivers with logos and livery rather than plain vans.  The point is, dealing with a typical comparison site or a direct-only firm does not necessarily guarantee the cheapest insurance, or taking the shortest time to find a quote.

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